You as Art, Rune Portraits

Hello and welcome to the latest service for my guests

You as artwork
I am a diviner of Norse Runes and one of the things I do
are readings based on ones use name.
It gives an interesting look into ones personality
and is pretty accurate, and I do them often for people.

At the suggestion of a friend of mine I am combining this art, with my visual art
To create a one of a kind work of art work, just for you

Examples: Posted here with their kind consent :)

Please click on images for large views and more details

Please note: these are highly compressed images and some distortion may occur
All links should open in a new window automatically, no right clicks are permitted on these pages please, these are custom works

Rune painting of Sky
Rune painting of Gina
Rune painting of AnneMarie
Rune painting of Amethyst
Rune Painting of Kristine
Eowyn Kim
Rune painting of Eowyn Kim
Mary Catherine
Rune painting of Mary Catherine
Sharr Wolfe
Rune painting of Sharr Wolfe
Rune painting of Sandy
Willow Wolf
Rune painting of Willlow Wolf
Rune painting of Hessica
Chameleon Breeze
Rune painting of Tina
Rune painting of Joshua
Rune painting of Meagan
Rune painting of Heather
Yours here ?

Please click on images for large view and the Rune readings I used to make these images

A analysis of the Rune reading of your name, is included with the art, sent Via Email

Size, an 8 by 10 print of your personal portrait.
Price $ 30.00, plus shipping

( larger images are avablie on request, please email me for details )

If your service does not pop up

This makes a great gift, even for yourself, go on you deserve it :)

Please email me your Real name so I can match your letter to your cart order,
a clean detailed photo and the most common name you are called
Which may or may not be your birth name, your " use " name is the one I need.
If you wish to use your Magickal or Craft name, please share it with me.
You may add other details if you like, but I need at least these three things
E-mail in case your email server does not pop up

All photos and information, will be deleted once the art is complete
Art will be based on your rune reading and the layout of the image you send me
The art is my interpretation of the readings and is not subject to major revision
( all art subject to your final approval before any printing is done )
All art, must be paid for, in advance.

Trust me, I will make you look wonderful :)

Please see terms of service for more details re: refunds, privacy etc.
Terms of service