Terms of Service

Please be advised that all information contained herein, is my own. Any services I provide
are created as Is and I am not liable for any omissions or suit arising thereby.

Any art work offered for sale is created by my own hand, and any outside images that may be used are,
to my knowledge, public domain. If there is ever a dispute on any part of an image,
where one can prove ownership, I will dismantle the work or give credit where it is due.

The Artworks on this site are my personal concepts and are in no way
to be considered as intention to give offense to any person(s) living or dead.

Any errors on the web site with regard to a products availability
shall not be cause for breech of agreement.

This missive is not to be considered to be complete, and is subject to change

Art from the Gallery:

With regard to Gallery Art work prints, posters, postcards and greeting cards
Refunds are only possible if the work in question
is returned intact and in salable condition to me within 3 days of confirmed receipt.
You are responsible for return shipping costs.
Refunds are limited to cost of merchandise, shipping costs are not refundable.
Refunds will be made via the same means you used to pay for the work.

If the item was bought at sale or auction, only the actual price paid is refundable.
Shipping costs and auction fees if any, are not refundable. I retain all copyright to the work.
All prints will have a small border for framing space ... all sizes are approximate
 Special order purchases, are not refundable.

Custom Art for Private use

Any and all images made in this category are for personal use only

A 50% non refundable deposit is required for such custom art , before work begins.

All work is subject to prior approval before it is printed, once final approval is given
The work will be printed and completion of payment is required once the work is in your possession.

A CD with the image file is available on request. The Buyer must pay postage and packaging.
* Shipping out of the US or Canada will require additional fees for postage.

All printing is done by professional printers. Any insurance you may require for the print must be paid by you in advance.
A request will be made to add the image to my online portfolio, but you may feel free to decline.

A hard copy may become part of my personal Art portfolio.
No other use of the art will be made, without your consent.

Such Art is considered a " work for hire ", and I release its copyright upon completion,
Provided all conditions are met, with the exception of the above noted portfolio images.

Any failure to pay the remainder of the balance owed on a work, may be a case for legal action
and all copyrights to the work under dispute, revert to me.

Images made for commercial  purposes
may require a contract and are not  to be considered " works for hire"
Please E-mail me for details

esta54@att.net In case your email does not pop up

Personal Rune Portraits:

Personal portraits are not subject to major revision, and must be paid in full before work commences.
No refunds are possible for this sort of work.

Any and all images or information sent to me to create them
will be deleted on request, once the work is complete.

A request will be made to add the image to my online portfolio,
but you may feel free to decline. A hard copy may become part of my personal portfolio.
No other use of the art will be made, without your consent.

All work is subject to prior approval before it is printed. All printing is done by professional printers.
Such Art is considered a " work for hire ", and I release its copyright upon completion,
with the exception of the above noted portfolio images.

Rune Readings

All Rune readings are sent via email, after a confirmed purchase is made.

I am not liable for any action you may or may not take, based on your reading.
You and you alone, are responsible for the decisions you make.

In the event of a health, financial or legal concern, I recommend you seek
consultation and assistance from a professional, in the area of your concern.

I do not disclose or discuss private or confidential information regarding your reading.

All interpretations are final. No refunds are possible
Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Specialty, by request  8 by 10 image and word Pagan/Wiccan posters
are subject to the same terms as above for Rune paintings.

Trade marks and Logos
All trade marks and logo creations are a "work for hire", and I release their copyright
once the work is created and paid for. Documentation will be provided only on request.
A Cd or other agreed upon means is considered final delivery.
A notice of credits is appreciated on large items bearing the trademark/logo,
but is not required

Book covers, CD covers and other such cover material,
Must carry notice of credits and may require a per use contract,
and are not  to be considered automaticly " works for hire".
The terms are subject to mutual agreement.
Please E-mail me for details

esta54@att.net In case your email does not pop up

Non profit uses of artwork
May require a use contract that specifies the work, its use , by whom , in what manner
and for how long the use is permitted. Any usage's outside the limits of such a contract
Will be subject to legal action, and back payments of usage fees will be sought
for all uses of the work from date of receipt.
Verbal agreements and email exchanges, will be considered enforceable in such cases.

Web Design services, by the Web Witch

 Any services I provide are created as Is and I am not liable for any omissions or suit arising thereby.

If I create a web site or provide other services for you ,
I do so to the fullest extent of my knowledge at the time of creation or service.

You , the site owner, are required to know
the laws that pertain to you and your site and everything on it.

I simply provide the graphics and layout,
any extra requirements must be made known to me at time the of creation.
I am not liable for any new laws that may come into effect
that effect your place of business.

Privacy policy:

In the course of creating a web site for you..
or other such services I will ,of necessity, become privy to
a great deal of your personal information. Name, DOB, address, passwords
and other such personal data.

In the course of creating services for you , I perforce know everything about them
because often, I set them up for you , as part of my service to you.

It is the policy of The Web Witch, not to share this information with any person or agency.
I make no master list of such information, and keep it on hand for the sole purpose
of doing the task for which you have hired me.

With the exception of a link and description of your web site or logo/banner copy
as a display example in my portfolio, either online or hard copy.

At your request I will delete any/all such information from my files
at the end of our business, and you are free to change any and all passwords etc.
that were in use during my time of service to you.

I further assure you , that unless I have your direct consent to do so,
I will never enter into your accounts for any reason, whatsoever, save to do work or
make adjustments you have requested.

Legal Disclaimer: Though I make every effort to preserve user privacy, I may need to disclose personal information
when required by law wherein I have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial
proceeding, court order or legal process.

Limits of Liability and special notices:

Any  background or navigational graphics used to create your website are my own creation, and or
to the best of my knowledge,  public domain. If in the future this proves to be false,
I am not liable for any copyright infringements that may insue at a later date against your website,
as I have operated in good faith at the time of creation.
I will however, replace any disputed graphics with others at your request.

I  will do my utmost to stay on top of the laws and regulations regarding the Internet,
with particular attention to business requirements,
but make no claims to know all of them. This is your responsibility as webmaster,
and site owner to know the laws that pertain to you.

You ,as the customer, accept at the time of service,
that there may be information I do not possess that effects your site,
and hold me free from all claims that may arise later as a result.

Any images, or trade names, logos, images and so forth ...
you as the client provide me to create your site, I will assume you have legal right to use,
and take no responsibility for any copyright infringements that may arise at a later date.

I am not liable for the success or failure of your place of business in any fashion.
Nor am I liable for the content, ethics, business practices or fitness of purpose, of the business in question.

Any disputes arising from costs of services, you hereby agree to mutual third party artibitraion ,
as set out in commercial law, by accepting/hireing my services.
All work must be paid for at time of service.

Please note: I do not do unpaid sample designs for your specific project, or "speculation" works
for you to take before your board of directiors, along with a dozen others, to see who gets the job.

Notices of Other Limitations and contract exceptions:

 The client is responsible to provide images, text data and other needed information,
in order to complete the website, in a timely manner, It shall not construe a breach of contract, either verbal or written
, on the part of The Web Witch for non completion of the website, for the clients failure to provide this information.

Notice: A general time limit of 3 (three) mts or 90 calendar days, is extended from the date of deposit
( save for extreme circumstances, or mutual agreements for delay ) for the cleint to provide this information to The Web Witch.

If such information, and data is not provided in that time frame, without a mutually acceptable agreement for the delay,
final payment for the site is expected to be rendered, in full, at the end of that time limit, regardless of it's state of completion.

To restate: Failure to provide needed information in a timely manner, will render the section of the standard agreement
of "payment due on completion of the website" null and void, and full payment of any remaining balance will be due and payable.

At my discretion, all work may be suspended, until said time as full payment has been rendered.
The client is still liable, after said payment is made, for providing the information needed to complete the website
if they wish the work to contiune.

If there is continued failure to provide the needed data, for a further 30 days, beyound this time limit, without just cause,
the entire contract is then null and void, and the work, as it stands, will be rendered, only on request, to the client. No refunds will be made.

A total of three (3) re starts will be acceptable for the deposit paid. This is for the webset, layout, and any custom images.
To define, this means if an entire layout is completed and tentatively approved by the client,  the client can change their mind,
for up to three completely different webset forms or design layouts, for the deposit paid. The cleint is expected to provide the Web Witch
with as much detailed information and feedback as required, to allow me to complete their desired look in a timely manner.

After the three such trials, the original agreement, At my discretion, may become null and void,
and an entirely new agreement, with new deposits, may be required to be made. All deposits are non refundable.

You agree as part of the service that a link to my site and company name,
will be noted on every page I create for you. If you wish to forgo this link, the price
for service will increase accordingly.

Removal of said notices from a web site I have created for you
For which extra consideration has not been paid,
may be grounds for legal action

Purchaser Agreement and shipping

You as the buyer, agree to pay all costs of items, applicable taxes and shipping, deposits
at the time of sale, and I ,in turn, will ship out what you have paid for in a timely manner for the price agreed..

If ,for some reason, I am unable to ship,
as in the case of wearables or other durable goods a third party imprints for me,
I will back order the item and inform you.
In no event shall a back order last more than 30 days.
If a back order is unacceptable, your order will be canceled
and your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Buyer Responsibility Legal status of products: It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to ascertain,
and obey, all applicable local, state, federal and international laws in regard to the possession, and use, of any item purchased from us

Delivery by Standard postal by default, or UPS Ground on request.
Please allow 6 weeks for delivery

Shipping is at your own risk !
We take every possible care when packaging goods for
shipment, however, we are not responsible for shipping
damage. Free Replacement of goods damaged in transit is at our discretion
If we are notified promptly, and visual verification of damage is provided.
Any insurance you may require for the print(s) must be paid by you, in advance.
Our successful shipments world wide to date, is
99.9 % arrive perfectly :)

Out of US requests are welcome but may require extra shipping costs.
Such extra costs if any, will be computed after ordering, and the buyer notified.
Extra shipping and packaging must be paid before the goods will be shipped

Refused Credit or Stop Payments:
If ,for some reason, your credit card, pay pal / bank or other payment means
fails to pay for purchases made, or you stop payment on an order. I will take whatever means
needed to assure payment in full , for items already shipped,
plus costs if any.

Any dispute over costs, will be settled by
arbitration as set out in commercial law.

In the case of website creation, a further penalty for non payment may be imposed
in the form of a request to your hosting company
to shut down the site under dispute at the host level, until the matter is resolved.

By purchasing from this establishment
you are agreeing to arbitration if needed.

General Privacy Policy:

Legal Disclaimer: Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when
required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding,
a court order or legal process served on our Web site.

Third Party Intermediaries: Esta Weiss is the sole owner of the information collected on this Web site. No
information will be shared with third party service providers or any other organizations for commercial purposes.

Links: This Web site contains links to other sites. Please be aware that we,
are not responsible for the privacy practices, or content of such other sites.

Esta Weiss
Pagan art, by Pagan and Proud of it

These terms are subject to change without notice