Seven Fold Peace

Seven Fold Peace

Peace I bring to thee my children
The Sevenfold peace of the Earthly Mother
and the Heavenly Father

Peace I bring to thy Body
Guided by the Angel of Power

Peace I bring to thy Heart
Guided by the Angel of Love

Peace I bring to thy Mind
Guided by the Angel of Wisdom

Through the Angles of Power, Love and Wisdom
Thou shalt travel the Seven Paths
Of the Infinite Garden

And thy Body, thy Heart and thy Mind
Shall join in Oneness

In the Sacred Flight to the
Heavenly Sea of Peace
Yea, I tell thee truly

The Paths are Seven through the Infinite Garden
And each must be traversed
By the Body, the Heart, and the Mind
As One

From the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essene

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Disclaimer Pagan art

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