Rune Readings

Hello and welcome to yet another service for my guests

I am a Rune mistress, a reader of Rumal, and have been, for some 20+ years
The Runes are a Norse form of Divination.

This is the world of Yggdarcil, the leaves of the tree of life,
our Anglo-Saxton alphabet owes it's beginnings to this form of symbols,
used by the old ones, some of which have not changed to this day

I use these stones to figure out the image layout for my Rune portraits
by which I combined my skill at Rumal, with my Art.

Now I offer the readings themselves for your enjoyment and enlightenment.
All readings are sent Via email, all stones are drawn and read by me personally.

Rune name Reading
3 Rune Spread
5 Rune Spread
Runic/Celitc Cross

A Rune name reading, Is a reading based on the spelling of your name.
This is the most common name you are called by. Your first name or, it can be your craft name.
This reading shows your basic Personality, a who you are, from a Physic level.
This is the same spread I do, in order to create my Rune Portraits
A three Rune spread is a simple reading, for a single issue.
The first stone is your current situation, the second is the recommended action for you to take.
The last is the expected outcome, if you are successful in the action.

The five Rune spread is for more complex issues.
Stone one, is the general overview of the situation at hand.
Stone two, the challenge you must overcome. 
Stone three is the action that is called for.
Stone four is the sacrifice you may be called on to make.
Stone five is the new situation, if all challenges are met.

The Rune cross is the most complete answer to any issue. 
Stone one is the past.
Stone two is you, as are you are now.
Stone three is the possible future.
Stone four is the foundation underlying the whole situation.
Stone five is the challenge you face.
Stone six is your new situation, if all challenges are met.

Once you have ordered a reading and I confirm its purchase with you,
you can, if you want at that time, tell me the basic issue you are asking about.

For example, if you wish to know about a relationship, or Work related things
Health issues, etc. Just the main category that your inquiry is about ... nothing more
The Runes themselves will tell me what is needed to be known ... or if you prefer
tell me nothing at all ... and I will read them, just as they speak to me
and share that message ... with you.

For a Rune name reading, please tell me your first name, or the most common name
you are called, or if you prefer, your craft name.

May they serve you well.

if you have questions before you order

Please email me at

Please see terms of service for more details re: refunds, privacy.
Terms of service

Readings are for entertainment purposes only
All interpretations are final when presented.