Rates and Reasons for the Web Witch

For a flat bid for the whole job ... I can create from the simple understated site like this one,
to the sassy... classy... or out and out... outrageous ...
for personal or simple business use

You can see from my own sites
the possibilities ... and there are many many more
See example sites

I can include uploading to your site server
and changes to the Original
as needed to add content at reasonable rates..
I can help you GET a server, host or domain name,
If you don't already have one

I can provide Free, by hand, Submission to the Search engines ..
and hook ups to WebRing.. creation of your meta tags...
placement of your counters, your shopping cart.. etc......
in short everything you need to have a fully functional web site
and to have it look......how YOU want it to.... within the constraints
of my programing...if you want something I can't do..
I will try and recommend someone who can

( I will also provide explanation/lessons if requested
of what I just said, in Non Thecno English...and will show you
how to do what I do.....in basic.... for yourself...
it's called... planned obsolescence here.. )

Price is dependent on complexity
And I can also offer custom made graphics and pictures to suit

On average a 5 to 15 page site would run about
$80.00 ( min ) and up to $300+ (avg $150-80) for large sites,
for page creation with pre made graphics....
and upload..submisson to the engines...and meta tags...
(custom graphics additional)

A 50% non refundable deposit is required before work begins.
See Terms of Service for other details

I know that sounds like a lot.... :)
But...it takes any where from several days, weeks, or even longer
to create such a site.... lots and lots of emailing back and forth.....
copy editing......image rendering.. etc.. speed is often dependent on
how fast you can get me the data I need.

So the price for a weeks work is more than reasonable
It's ten dollars a day :) give or take a nickel

And if you want custom graphics, banners .. logos etc.
it takes even more to do.. I'm fast and don't mess about..
( just ask my clients, they will tell ya I'm a slave driver..)

But it is still time consuming..

And Now that I have bored you to tears......You still

Interested ?

Oh good..:)

To make it easy on us both here is a questionnaire
of things you should have handy before you talk to any
web designer......and it would help us both a lot :)

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