Is this Really Art ?

Believe it or not, I get this question a lot. Some people seem to think that because I use a computer program and a mouse to make an image
that the machine does all the work, and I just put parts together.  Well if that were so, then anyone could do this by pushing a few buttons,
and of course not everyone can,  for the simple reason that it takes creativity to put those parts together in a way that is artistic. The Process is not unlike
what a painter does with paint and canvas, just there are no brushes to clean and you don't have to wait for the paint to dry :)

For example :

Most of my work starts as any painters does, with a blank page. In Bryce that page looks like this.

This is the default beginning page with no ground plane and an ordinary sky
and that's only if I use Bryce to make the background, often I don't, but for arguments sake
let's use this as an example.

Now, so that your not here all day watching one step at a time
here it is again some  6 hours and 12 objects later, after 264 separate moves and changes

 And Yes I counted the moves I made, just to make a point :) and this is not one of my more detailed works,
this I consider a quickie just a basic
background really. Most of them take a great deal more time.

In some cases literally days or weeks to complete and some 30 hours just to render
the basic background, before I haul it into other programs to work on it some more.

Now mind you,  I had no pre planned concept here, this just came out of my head as I was placing 
objects when I decided to write this page
 and needed an example work, 
as with most of my work, it just flows, it's not something I plan out that often, it just happens and I run with it,

which to me is the magick of art. It lives inside my head, and the colors and shapes before me,
become that life that lives within.

Each part had to be placed, its color and materials decided, what kind of skyline, how many leaves on each tree,
what kind of tree,
 what kind of leaves, the color of the leaves, how close or far apart are they from each other, 
where the angles of the branches start and stop,
 the pathway sized and placed, 
the fence created one piece at a time, the well, the sheds, each and every part of this had to be individually

decided on color, texture, size, placement, lighting, ground type with many variations
on the original textures and colors.

These are the same choices a painter with paints and brush must decide as they create.

And I am far from done with it

This is just a very rough draft as far as I am concerned, Bryce is a wonderful program
but it doesn't create the real element of life, as it's a bit too perfect, this looks like a still life, it needs weeds,
loose leaves blowing in the wind,
 dirt , animals,  in short it needs to come alive. 

In the minds eye I can already see what it needs, but in the process of creating such life, again it
will happen as a spontaneous flow, it's like being in a trance state, things just come to life, as I go.

This is the essence of Art, the becoming one
with the image your bringing to life. To bring out of the blank page, a thought, and make it real.

To do that will take some 200 or more layers of other objects and overlays, each with its own placement
density, color and shading, painting and placement, with light and shadows. Over all to make this life like would take
some 3000 or more, moves and at least a weeks worth of time.

How is this process any different
than what a painter does with canvas and layers of  paints ? Answer,  it isn't,
only the medium is different, the process is exactly the same.

Is it art ? That, as always, is in the eye of the beholder
but I think it is and most people agree with me, and that the medium I use to do it is irrelevant,
it's the spirit of the work that makes it art.

Art is creating something that didn't exist before
that now has a life of its own, that has meaning. Like with this work,  you can all but feel the last warm days of fall
 hear the leaves rustle, smell the dust, the scent of old wood and for a moment, be able to step into a Maple grove.

Where  6  hours ago, it was a blank page :)