Religious Tolerance
The Circle of Light

A story I read once, that moved me profoundly

All Gods are one God

It went something like this

I had a vision, I was walking down a winding path. Then it started getting dark and I felt scared, then I noticed a light ahead
and I started running towards it, but it always seemed just out of my reach.
I got frustrated and tired, I lay down, fell asleep and dreamed.

In my vision dreams, I opened my eyes and saw a path to a great circle of light.
I walked towards it ,no longer afraid of the darkness.

Once there within the light I looked around and I could see that many paths ended at this circle,
besides the one I just had just used. Standing in the light,
I noticed that each path had a sign over it.

Curious I decided to see what the signs said, but from inside the light where I stood, all the signs were blank,
so I had go back out of the light to read them... the sign for the path I had been on said,
" Welcome Home, You Have Found ME ". Which I had not noticed going in.

I decided walk around the circle of light, to read some others.
Some of them where in languages I didn't understand,
While others, I could read and here's what a few of them said

" Welcome back, You have found the SOURCE."
" Welcome My child you have found GOD."
" Welcome traveler, you have found the GREAT SPIRIT."
" Blessed be, you have found the GODDESS "
There were many many names used, more than I could easily count,
but I realized, all the signs really said the same thing.

" Welcome Home, you have found ME."
Blessings on the unknown hand who wrote this

I read this story at a time in my life when I was asking the question of myself of ,
what is the right path to travel ? This story, was the first of many signs to me
that all Gods are one God, and all names are one name.

I have had many other signs since then and know that anyone of honest Faith, is my brother
no matter what Faith they hold. If they walk the way of light paths, that's close enough for me.

Yet the question of whose religion is best, or worse whose is right
is still of major importance to many people. This story illustrates wonderfully
that the whole idea of any Faith being right and another wrong is a fallacy.

Faith in the Divine is Faith in the Divine.. only we humans make an issue of what name we call on, or what rites
we use to do it. The time for tolerance and freedom is now.

The Bands that were on this page, are all gone now.. shared world wide and for that,
 I thank you all for letting me spread the message of tolerace.

Blessings be