Gift Certificates by Pagan Art
Gift shopping made simple :)

Want to buy an artwork print for someone
But not 100% sure of what they might like ?

Get them a Gift Certificate and Let them come and pick for themselves !

These certificates are sent by email to the buyer, as a single attached image, after the order has been placed
The buyer can then send it, via email, to the giftee, anywhere in the the world.
They are numbered and cataloged with unique certificate numbers assigned at the time of purchase.
The certificates will be made out to the person to whom you wish to give a gift, by name and their email address.

The certificate is printable, on standard desktop printer paper, for giving in person 

Please note, any Certificate you print out is for memento purposes only, the original must be redeemed via email

All Prices are USD, shipping will be added to the purchase price
If you wish to send a gift to a party outside the US or Canada, additional shipping will be required.*

Please read all notices below the buy buttons, before you make a purchase

5 by 7
8 by 10
18 by 24
36 by 47
Post Cards
Greet Cards 6 pk

Email Me, with their name, and what email address they will use to return it, once you have placed your order.

You must advise your giftee to use the same email address and name, as you provide to me,
when they submit it for redemption.

Failure to do so, will result in voiding the certificate.

All names, addresses, will be double checked for accuracy with the buyer, before I make out the certificate.

You may purchase multiple certificates for the same person
However, a certificate will be made for each item purchased,
and must be redeemed individually.

Directions on, where to go and how to redeem the certificate will be included.

The original emailed certificate must be rendered, intact, with no information changed.
The subject line of the email sent to me with the certificate, should say that it is a gift order.

The original buyer will be notified by email, when the certificate is submitted for redemption.

Additional Terms

Certificates are only good for the size(s) purchased.

Certificates are time limited to 60 calendar days, from date of issue.
The Expiration date will be posted on the Certificate. 

Expired certificates are automatically null and void once the posted date has passed
at 12. PM, CST, A notice will be sent to the buyer if this event occurs.

Certificates are not transferable and are non refundable.

All certificates are compared against the original, when submitted
and any attempted to be redeemed with altered or falsified information,
will be rejected and the Certificate will be null and void.

Any certificate sent by any email not listed in the original purchase order for that certificates number,
will be rejected and the Certificate will be null and void.

Any certificate submitted that is not the name specified by the buyer for that that certificates number,
will be rejected and the Certificate will be null and void.

The original buyer will be notified in the event of any of the above.

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