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Native American Spirit
Thecno Witch at work Reflections in the Dew The Lady of the Lake Dream Walker
Everlasting flame of Ast Channeling Energy in the 21th Century .Riding the Metro to the Rites Lotus of Enlightenment Ways of the Scholar
The Hammer of Thor Finding our way home Inner Power Pentacle of Air Pentacle of Earth
Pentacle of Fire Pentacle of Water Port of Illumination Eye of God Bride of Poseidon
Mother Iris Mandala Calling down the Lighting Shadows on the wall Anima and Animus
Things are not always what they seem :) In the hands of the Goddess Great Mother of the Winged Ones Solomon's temple to Shopia Crystal Power the singing stones
Desert Song Leap of faith Lessons of the Rainbow Breath of Odin From the Dust of time
Creating the Umbrella of Light Reaching for the Stars Celtic Guardians Mothers Blessings Chakras
Tara Valhalla Realm of Fairy Autumn Winds Solitaires Altar
Sword of Wisdom Drop by Drop Ragnarok Energy flow Dreamcatcher
Gateway to the light Masking the Inner self Prayer Rug Green Voice of the Mother Burning at Beltane
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Virus Attack Gracing the Gazebo Fariy Cave Saterday afternoon Nymphs Butterflys Dance Walk with a Dyad Crucible of Fire


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Unless you like what I have done with it.. in which case I will be happy to credit your part in its design..

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