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This one was created as a Cover art attempt for PagaNet Magazine
It didn't make the cover, but it was printed inside the mag for an article
The concept was science and religion

Many many of my works have been posted in PagaNet since the days I created this for them :)

A custom work, posted here with its now owners kind consent
Nearly every nebula, comet and planet that you see are real images of real to life stars and
some of the most colorful and unusual nebulae in the universe, within the reach of the Hubbell telescope

Pent in the stars

Lovely custom work for a gent to his Lady and child called Dawn and Violet
for their respective names.. Posted with their kind leave

The seal has an overlay of his lovely wife for her interest in the Shelki, there are many small details
that cannot be seen in this small version

Healers Dance
For a lovely couple in the UK for their anniversary :)
Posted here with their kind permission
Healers Dance

More soon, if more clients give me leave to publish the art I make for them
I have made many others, but not all give me permission to post them
All personal custom works are a work for hire and belong to the client
once created and paid for.

More ? Group logos and small header art

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