Custom Art work For Private use

Here at Pagan Art I do custom work, almost any size and most any subject
All work is approved step by step with each part of the design subject to amendment.
Time factor is based on complexity

Price Details

Price is 125.00 USD for any work regardless of size
( personal rune portraits and the like, are an exception )
Based on the amount of work needed to create it
this price includes its printing at 18 by 24 and shipping. *
Other sizes printed at your request, for an additional fee.

A 50% non refundable deposit is required for such custom art, before work begins.

All work is subject to prior approval before it is printed, once final approval is given
 and the work is in your hands, completion of payment is required
and no refunds are possible. Any failure to pay  the remainder of the balance owed,
means the goods become my property, with all copyrights, to do with as I wish.

A CD with the image file is available on request.
* Shipping out of the US or Canada Will require additional fees for postage.

All printing is done by professional printers. Shipping is at your own risk, we are not responsible for shipping damage.
But may replace a piece damaged in shipping at our discretion,
with prompt notice and visual confirmation of damages.

Any insurance you may require for the print must be paid by you, in advance. A request will be made to add the image
to my online portfolio, but you may feel free to decline. A hard copy may become part of my personal portfolio.
No other use of the art will be made, without your consent. Such Art is considered a " work for hire ", and I release its
copyright upon completion, with the exception of the above noted portfolio images.

Images made for commercial purposes, Book covers, Labels, logos and trademarks
are at different rates and may require a contract
Please E-mail me for details
In case your email server does not pop up

These terms are subject to change without notice

See Terms of serivce

Custom Mall examples of my custom work