Web site reviews for search engine optimization and user friendliness

Have a businesses or personal site and would like a second opinion ?

Get an SEO's opinion right here, And the best news is, its Free, if you get it direct from me

At your request, I will review your site, and give you a fairly detailed explanation of what I think it needs or doesn't need.
And well as, in a layman's terms ,why it needs it. To get the site search engine ready and viewer friendly. And once its ready, can
provide you with urls of places to submit it to, yourself.

The review costs you nothing at all.. It's an hour or so of my time to pour over your site,
page by page, even to the code level and tell you the results in plain simple and even downright blunt terms :)
I will be honest in my review.

Now if you want me to DO something about it for you or submit it to the engines for you,
then we can talk, Trade, Cash, whatever, but otherwise I mean what I say,
not a Dime will I ask for, for my time to review it and provide you with information.

( A donation for the review would be appreciated :) but is not required

Please note their may be a fee for a more in depth review for professional sites )

This is not a bait and switch,
if you think you can handle the search engine optimizing and revamp yourself, wonderful :)
I will be more than happy to give you the information you need to make changes
and even hand you urls to online tools to make it easier.

Others gave of their time to me long ago when I didn't understand how it all works, and still do with all the
articles I read that others in this line of work write, who give of their time and expertise, so that I can learn even more,
so too do I, give of my own time to pass around what I have learned .. to you

It's only if you want me to do anything, other than do a short review it, that you owe me a thing.
As we are talking days of work then, not an hour or so of my time.

Each sites needs are different and what is acceptable
for barter or cash transaction is also different, so there is no set price.
None of my clients to date, have been unsatisfied with the results or my efforts.

Most of them in fact, have been embarrassingly
generous to me.. above and beyond what I asked for
Thank you Guys :)

Now, am I going to promise you top billing on the engines by months end
and that you will make mega bucks by the end of the week ?


Anyone who tells you that is lying to you or will use some sneaky tactic to force results
that have no meaning and wont get you the traffic you need, as without traffic, rank alone means nothing,
but I can promise to give you my unqualified best.

 I will hand submit you to the engines, directories and personal sites that are relevant to you, one by one, world wide if you want it 
,( I have spent literally years gathering them and add more every week..) I will help you get your meta tags on 
properly,  your navigation setup, keywords, titles, banners, link codes, web rings, in short everything
it needs to have a chance to do well. On both levels, viewer friendliness and search engine standing.

My own site stands as an example of how well I can do this, in that, as of  02/2006 ,  the back links, on just the major engines,
stand at over 50 thousand..( no not joking ) and I didn't buy a one of them. As well as, for more than a dozen 
prime keywords and keyword
sets on those same engines, its on first page, if not the first one you will see...
Don't believe me.. ?

Go to any major engine and pop in the words Pagan Art.. and you will find this site, 
first page if not the first entry in just about everyone of them..

( not 100 % yet but I'm working on it ) that did not come easy, and it did not come fast, but it can be done...
with no tricks and no shady deals....if you are willing to invest the time, as it's a never ending process
so I am also part teacher, as well as, a short time assistant to your web site efforts.

Let me show you how I did it


Just in case your mail server does not pull the link up

The Web Witch

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