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Below you will find comments made by
the clients of Pagan Art and the Web Witch web design services

I thank them kindly
for their patronage and wonderful words :)

"Esta, the beauty of your artwork takes my breath away. I feel as
 if I am drawn into your pictures and time stands still for a moment.

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even have a website and you amaze me
with your fast work whenever I need some help.

Thanks so much! "

Vickie Venus

I highly recommend Esta Weiss and her talents with web design as the Web Witch. 
Professional is her middle name. 

She is quick and efficient. I love the logos she has created for 3 of my businesses.
Her gorgeous artwork adds the uniqueness that my websites were lacking. 

She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things that the beginning
website owner might not be aware of.  A joy to work with.

Marissa Newman

Esta Weiss has been my web designer on IsisDivining.com for over a year.  
Her work is consistently high quality, and she has never failed to amaze me with her designing instincts. 

 I rely on Esta's input for every aspect of my website, including artwork, as well as marketing advice.  
Her own successful website is a testimonial to how successful she is. I am completely tech-challenged and 
would never have been able to manage my website without her.

She addresses my needs quickly and efficiently. Another very important part is that Esta 
does not gouge her clients with excessive
labor charges, even though her talent merits 
compensation at the highest scale acknowledged in her industry.

So many web designers make it impossible for smaller website owners such as myself to 
compete with the economically blessed larger companies.  

Like many small business owners, I have limited funds to spend on marketing and website management 
and Esta insures that I receive the same attention as her high-end clients.

I can always trust that Esta will target my resources to achieve the highest possible return, 
with every service she provides to me.

I recommend her to everyone I talk to and believe that her intentions are and will remain dedicated
to achieving the highest good for every client she works with.


"I am so thrilled with the web and label artwork that you have done for my website. 
Some of my customers return to the site just to look at it again.

It sets the perfect opening mood when people visit the site – even when I open it up!

I am grateful for your patience and consideration every step of the way –
when I was slow in getting photos and feedback to you,
when I forgot to mail in information that you needed, 
when I was picky about a certain tiny detail.
Your gentle humor brightened my day and soothed my work-worn spirit.

When you completed the work quickly in spite of my tardiness, I was pleasantly surprised; when you quoted me the price I was stunned! I wondered how you could possibly do such beautiful work for so little money; and when you offered to barter your work for mine I thought it was a wonderful idea – just what I needed since I was on a very tight advertising budget.

Thank you again. I am telling all my customers, who all remark on your work, to click 
on your link on my site and visit with you –

just to spend a few moments looking at your other work and perhaps to have some done themselves
to brighten their labels, websites or just their day."

Your very satisfied customer,

April McBride
Owner, Greenwood Organics, Inc.

"Esta Weiss’s site designs are truly inspired. The day my site Rising Energy went up,
clients spontaneously wrote and complimented the new look.

It's been good for business… Furthermore, Esta is patient and takes the time to explain
 what is the best way to go in terms of looks, and technology.

I learned a lot from Esta. She is presently working on my second site
 RushPRnews to my great satisfaction.

I highly recommend her "

Anne Howard


" We have worked with Esta over the course of several months in the development of our banners for our business. 
At every step she demonstrated the utmost professionalism and knowledge of her business.
 She was patient with our lack of knowledge in the web art design field. 

She was a good listener about our wants and needs and a good director
 and information provider on the choices we needed to make. 

The finished product was tailored well to our wants and we benefited from her
creativity and experience. It was delivered on time and neither rushed or stalled. 

We would highly recommend Esta on any web art design and look forward to
 continuing our business relationship with her as a valuable service provider."

Jeannie Northrup
Wiccan Universe auction

"Esta, you are the most awesome webmaster that I have came into contact with in my many years
of doing business on the internet.

The first time I cam into contact with you was through your website when I needed a banner. You made it perfectly.
From then on, I knew that you were the person to help me with my website. When needed a revamp of my site,
you took it on like a professional, even though I did not know exactly what I wanted or needed.
You took me step by step through a complicated process, and made it understandable to me.

Thank you for your talent and professional attitude. You are truly a pro."

Mystic Gardens

"The artwork of Esta Weiss frequently appears in the pages of PagaNet News. Her talent with the digital "brush" and
her imagery of various spiritual landscape is inspirational, her use of color magickal!
Esta has, on several occasions, been happy to work with us on specific artistic needs,
and her flexibility and dedication to the task at hand has always been welcomed.

We heartily recommend Esta's artwork to those who love digital, magickal, colorful compositions!"

Aranea, PagaNet News
Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis

"Esta is such a patient artist. She takes the time to allow you to give feedback and
get a piece of art that is truly about you. 

I have also purchased from her site, the pieces she has ready to go. 
I love the one I have, it is so much more beautiful in real life as opposed to the web
and I thought it looked really cool on the web"


" I am very pleased with the Horsefeathers Farm logo from you.
You listened to what my idea was and worked very hard to make it reality.

And, you didn't turn Rick into a toad when he interfered!! That was the sign of a true professional! "

Smiles, Allyson
HorseFeathers Farm

"I found Esta’s work extremely unusual and I liked her style.
As Esta’s style suited our businesses image, I commissioned some prints for our office

and a print as personal gift. Esta goes through each designing stage at great detail
with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

I would recommend her artistic services to anyone. "

Lorraine McArthur
Center of Second Sight

"I am so appreciative of everything you did to help me when I was starting my website. You did not just help me build it
 you helped me think like a website builder. I am now averaging 500+ visitors a day with 3500+ page views a day.
I am now averaging $1700 every week in sales. I just got a $1100 sale two days ago! "

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

Thanks you so much for your tutelage and kindness.

Dear Esta,
"I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your tremendous help with putting together my site.
The work you did on my site is absolutely wonderful. You have far exceeded my expectations.
The site is incredible, and I couldn't be happier with your work.

You really go above and beyond. I also love the fact that every time I need your help, you are right there.
Thank you for your commitment and excellence. I feel truly blessed to have you as my web designer.
You are an angel!!!!"

Bright Blessings,
Windsearcher of The Magical Temple

" Esta Weiss has numerous talents and skills to offer her clients in digital art,
and also in website design and promotion. Her attitude is very professional,

yet warm and engaging. She is easy to work with, and goes out of her way to
 genuinely help her clients achieve website designs 

and promotional efforts that will suit their particular needs. She has also proven her flexibility
and versatility
in the variety of client websites she has designed over the years.

In her Pagan Digital Art, Esta shows she an exceptional eye for design, 
detail, color integration, and balance. Her vast knowledge of

Pagan and Esoteric symbology, and her creativity in applying this knowledge
to her art, is readily evident to the discerning eye.

Esta has helped and advised me on a number of occasions regarding
both website situations and for personal digital art projects
She will always have both my respect and my gratitude.

Dani Tara

Owner of Reflecting Swan Graphics
Owner/Webmistress of Operation Hearthfire website

" Hi I am Seamus of oldeways.com I met Esta on line at a pagan retailers group, We had a few brief contacts 
and then I found out from other people that she did web design. I asked her for advice for a few site issues
and it was right on the money. Then I asked her to optimize my web site and the rest is history.

My website was listed by Amazon.com 

for related products to its rune books as well as 40 or 50 other search engines and directories. 
I now receive orders from all over the world!!! for my Runes. I call her Esta Goddess Heart 
for I feel that she is so Goddess like in her approach to all she applies herself to. Esta is the Bomb!
Do yourself a favor and allow her to work her magick for you.
60 and having a ball!! "

Seamus ... Alchemist of the Old ways