Rune Painting Sandy

Rune Painting Sandy

S - Wholeness, to create unity, Sowelu

A - Utterances of the Divine Ansuz

N - Need and the lessons of adversity, Nauthiz

D - Gateway , the gateway into life, Thuriaz

Y - Protection, the keeping together of oneself, Algiz

As the sun rises over the river of life, time flows, we spend moments in life's lessons, and discover gateways into tomorrow,
always keeping in mind our own space. One who lights the pathway, and opens the gates to tomorrow's miracles, no matter the difficulty

Sandy is the keeper of the gateway, who, unlike many, knows that even in the face of adversity, one must keep a hold of oneself.
She is the speaker of the divine, who overcomes all obstacles, no matter the personal cost.

Sandy tells me that this is reminiscent of a dream she has, when she held the priestesses flame in ages past

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