Rune Painting Sharr Wolfe

Rune Painting Sharr Wolfe

S: Sowelow

H: Haglaz

A: Fehu

R: Radio +

W: Wunjo

O: Othila

L: Laguz

F: Fehu

E: Ansuz

Wholeness, disruption, signals and journeys... Joy... Separation. .flow.. possessions... signals

One who seeks after wholeness, who finds disruption , who disowns the complications and takes the journey... where in there
is joy and loss, but goes with the flow and needs of the community to send out the message.

Sharr is a person of great possibilities, but in this lifetime there are many burdens... but the journey awaits, On that journey
will be moments of joy and pain but she will persevere and send the message out to the world.

In the old days she would be the questor who returns, after much trial, to tell the message of the divine to her people.

In the current day, Sharr is a an animal acitvist.

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