Rune Painting Mary Catherine

Rune Painting Mary Catherine

M Mannaz` Movement of the self
A Fehu` Possessions, the ways of the wise
R Radio` Journey of the spirit
Y Algiz` One who protects

C Keno` Opening of the way
A Fehu` Possession, the will to dare
T Teiwaz` Thor Warrior of the sprit
H Hagalaz` Disruption
E Ansuz` Signals and signs of the divine
R Radio` Journey taker
I Isa` Lack of movement, confidently
N Nauthiz` Need
E Ansuz` Signals

The horse of our possessions, our intellect, on which we ride for the journey through life "The way that opens, the opportunity is the sign to the warrior, to intervene in the journey of others, to slow them down to see their needs and receive the right messages

Mary Catherine, is one who sees the moment and seizes it, to guide others to the right pathway, lowering the sword of intellect to halt the journey taker and lead them onward to a better path

In the old days Mary would be the Shaman, the guide to the seeker.

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