Rune Painting eowyn kim

Rune Painting Eowyn kim

E Ansuz`~ Signals, sounds of the divine

O Inguz~ New beginnings, fertility release of the old, on with the new

W Wunjo~ Joy, rites of passage

Y Algiz~ Protection, giving yourself space

N Nauthiz~ Constraint, the lessons of adversity. Need

K Kenaz~ Opener of the way, the direction of travel

I Isa~(Ee-sah)
Ice, the mode of non movement, times for which to do nothing

M Ehwaz~ Movement, creativity, realm of action

Which means

She who hears the sound of the cosmos, to mold the old and create the new. One who knows joy and caution both, who has learned the lessons of adversity. One who opens the way for others and knows when to be silent, but ever and always one who creates.

Meaning a teacher and spiritual guide, who can and will use any and all things to hand to get the job done, even if that means to do nothing at all. In the old days she would most certainly be
the high priestess and guide to the community, with connection to the Divine.

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