Rune Painting Kristine
Rune painting of Kristine


K=Kenaz ... the opening of the way
R = Radio ... the souls journey, to death and beyond
I=Isa ... the way that is blocked
S =Sowelo ... the higher will of spiritual guidance
and leadership, positive purpose
T= Teiwaz ... Thor ... the shield of the warrior .. the gatekeeper,
the watcher over the world of men
I=Isa the rune of control and overcoming obstacles by ones own will
N=Uruz ... Strength, endurance, sacrifice
The will and one who finds a way against all adversity
E=Ansuz ... Movement ... the realm of action

The way needs be opened for the journey of the self,
what is held is the wholeness of the self ... the seeker must become the
warrior to break through the ice of the soul ... through power and self sacrifice
the way will open

Kristine is the one who plows through the ice and snow of the blockage's of life ...
the path maker ... for others to follow ... the way of the trail blazer..
in the old day she would be the teacher of the way

Kristine tells me that, unknown to me ... she once lived in Alaska ... and loves the snow :)

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