Rune Painting Amethyst
Rune painting of Amethyst


A=Fehu: The source of the vitality of the community and its people
M= Ehwaz: Movement along the time line of life,
the keeper of the suns light in the middle of spiritual darkness
E= Ansuz: The source of divine utterances, the speaker of the word
T=Thor the gatekeeper, the watcher over the world of men
H=Haglez, the elemental disruption and chaos
Y = Algiz for Protection, keeper of the sanctuary,
The rune is the hidden Support system for all of the spiritual realm
S = Sowelo is the higher will of spiritual guidance and leadership
the one who keeps things whole
T=Thor the guardian of the gateway between life and death

This is one who spends their life, in the service of others for the sake of all. One who cares more about what's needed for the sake of the community, than personal glory. The Power behind the power, that allows others to do the jobs needed for all their sakes.

In the old days Amethyst would be the Shield bearer and sword wielder, who protected the metaphysical pathways of the spiritual warriors, the gatekeeper to the house of the Shaman
to defend them from any and all bane, while they walk between the worlds.

His friend and familiar in this task is called " Fluffy "

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