Rune Painting of AnneMaire
Rune painting of AnneMarie


A=Fehu: The source of all things, the vitality of the community and its wealth
N=Nauthiz: Need, Necessity the lessons of hardship doubled  in this case
E= Ansuz:The source of divine utterances, the rivermouth of creation
M= Ehwaz: Movement along life, the course of the suns path, the way of the horse.
A= Fehu: The wealth of knowledge and understanding
I= Isa: Born of ice, the standstill
R= Raidio: Riding our lives, the souls journey, to death and beyond
E=Ansuz: The signals of God

AnneMarie is one who has learned the lessons of adversity, of difficulty, whose very life
is the sign post. She breathes the words that frees others for the journey,
to learn the lessons she has lived.

In the old days she would be a Seer, the wounded healer, who walked the spirit worlds to read the signs left by the Gods to return and give the prophesy to the people, to bring to them
the lessons so hard learned, for the people take the journey
towards right action for the benefit of all.

Her magick name is Gentle Spirit.
The Bird is her faithful friend.. Willow :)

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