Rune Painting of Gina
Rune painting of Gina


G= Gebo, Gebo is a gift, the act of giving, often to one who has nothing, not just to give
but to build up and empower the giftee, as a gift given requires a gift in return
under norse belief and the return could be a more productive life to repay the giver.
Gebo is also the gift of divine balance, to make the imbalance right.

I = Isa the rune of control and overcoming obstacles by a stubborn will
and of personal survival, the rune of protection against all magical attacks

N = Nauthiz The Rune of the goddess Skuld who rules the future, the hand of fate,
Need spurs the soul to new heights for without needs promoting how many of us would grow ?
The will and one who finds a way against all adversity

A = Ansuz The forces of Chaos and its opposite order.
Unconventional means to solve problems,
the howling wind that sings Odin's song, the voice which releases all fetters.

Gina is a child of chaos whose task it is to impose order and peacefulness. This makes her a
gift from Odin to the world. Her will to survive is strong and her wish to give to the world those hard
won lessons makes Her magical. Her words are like pearls to the hands of those who receive them, as its the gift of herself.

Gina is a medical transcriptionest, artist and is known by her friends as the" Idea" woman

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