Rune Painting Diane

Rune Painting Diane

D= Dagaz, the Gods Light

I= Isa Born of Ice

A= Ansuz The source of Divine speech

N= Nauthiz Constraint and the lessons of hardship

E= Ehwaz The power to Avert and, the movement that brings enlightenment

One who breaks down the barriers to understanding, and sends out the signals for enlightenment, yet also restrains movement were needed.

Diane is gate keeper, who stands beside the doorway of knowledge, she who can transform a life, giving freely to the seeker, but shows discernment in that she does not give such keys to wisdom to the unworthy.. Only; the strong and honest of will can use such knowledge safely and Diane's purpose in life is to be the
one to lay down the challenge, for one to earn the right to pass beyond to understanding. In the old ways she would be the Priestess.

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