Rune Painting Willow Wolf

Rune Painting Willow Wolf

W: Wunjo joy and all merriment
I: Isa ice, that which is blocked
L: Lagu flow + redoubled here
O: Othlia separation, one who stands apart
W: Wunjo joy

W: Wunjo joy
O: Othlia separation
L: Lagu flow
F: Ansuz Signals and portents

Willow Wolf is One who takes joy in breaking up the stagnate flow of life, from a perspective of distance,
her home is always in the self. Happiness is a inherited passion, granted from the source of divine grace

Willow Wolf is the Silent footed Warrior seldom seen or heard, until she is needed, who drops into your life to clean out the cobwebs and break down the
barriers to restore the flow in your life, by whatever means needful, whose presence on Earth is a sign of divine grace.

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