Rune Painting Hessica

Rune Painting Hessica

H:  Haglez..  the word of disruption
E: Fehu, the signal maker
S: Solwlo wholeness and creation +
I: isa that which is blocked
C: Keno, the opening of the way
I: isa that which is blocked
A: Ansuz Possessions

The disrupter who signals the way to wholeness, by seeming to do nothing all, she opens the way in silence, which is the greatest possession of all.

Hessicia is the changer, who just by being there, can change the world. She is the Catalyst who leads the way to new roads and new possibilities.
 She who opens many doors with the key of intellect and understanding.. to lead one down a different path in life,
cutting though the obstacles with the sword of Damocles, the bringer of fate and change.

Her Patron is Hecate, keeper of the Cross roads.

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