Rune Painting of Sky

Rune painting of Sky

The first letter of Sky's name is S which = the rune Sowelo
Sowelo is the higher will of spiritual guidance and leadership and stands for positive purpose
It is the way of the chant, the sound of the drum, that joins the mind to the soul.

The second letter is K which = the rune Kenaz the way of the Craft , one who knows
the underling effects, who is the guiding light and dispeller of unwanted influences

The last letter is a Y, which = the rune Algiz whose main use is for Protection,
keeper of the sanctuary, The Tree of the Yggdrasil with branches in the world of light
and roots into the realms of death. One who has Access to the netherworlds.
The rune is the hidden Support system for all the nine worlds of Yggdraisl.

The old ways would say she is a shield maiden, a Valkyrie,
protectoress of warriors and a guide to Valhalla.
A walker of the rainbow bridge between life and death.
The one who walks the way, of a healer of the soul.

Sky is a healer, a professional Hypnotherapist and A channeler of the spirit world.
I would say that her name suits her very well indeed. She is a Shaman of the current day
and would have been known as a Walkyriun or Volva ,a Wise woman.

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