In the ebb and flow of life we are handed Opportunities almost daily, we are often given a myriad of choices
and we must pick and choose often only one, as not all pathways are ours to take, Carpe Diem,
as it's said, we must seize the day and make the best of those opportunities that come to hand
and forever pass by, with no regrets, the road not taken.

This piece is best seen in its larger sizes
Order # 0248


Med 8 X 10 $22.00
Large 18 X 24 $45.00


Disclaimer by Pagan Art
To my Knowledge all the parts and bits that I have used to make my little pictures
are public domain ..or my own creation ... if I am mistaken in this and have used something unknowingly
that you KNOW is your creation Please let me know and I will dismantle the work ...
Unless you like what I have done with it.. in which case I will be happy to credit your part in its design..