How to design a Web site ?

Tips, tricks and personal opinions
For building a site, promoting it, optimizing it and marketing it
to the search engines and your viewer at large,
how to link it up and how not to :)
With special attention paid to the needs of E commerce

More will be added as time progresses.. do check back.. :)
May they serve you well

Usage permissions, short quotes with a link back to the original is permitted

Placing reciprocal codes

User Friendly Navigation

Content is King

Optimizing for the engines

Common Errors in business sites

WYSIWYG editors and coding issues

Alt statements for images, why ?

Linking scams and how to avoid them

HTML Validation, why ?

Improper linking practices 

How to Tee off a possible link partner

CSS VS html 

Learning a new language

Rank is not everything

SEO terms a Glossary

Personal sites and your content

Keywords what are they and how to use them

Lessons from other peoples sites 

How to avoid running off your viewer,
while trying to be one of a kind

Link requests right way and the wrong way 

How not to write a link request letter

Links and Engine rank, cause and effect

Manual Submissions VS Auto submittals

Forcing a New window VS "pop ups"

Submit VS Resubmit 

Making back links Grow

Don't give up your day job 

How long till you make money

Key words in your Urls 

Making your file name work for you

Search Engine Marketing 

What does this mean ?

Common violations of user expectations 

Ways to really annoy your viewer

What makes a good page title for your web pages 

Why you need a good page title

Why do I need a links page? 

Google and outbound links
Why can't I hoard my page rank ?

Things that ruin E-Commerce 

Drops at the shopping cart

Free that isn't, Bad E-Commerce 

Do's and don'ts about free goods on the net

Four Essential things to have handy 

Before you hire a web designer

Things that will effect your new site 

That are not design errors

Ways to deal with images 

Preventing image theft

Just how important are meta tags ?

Viewer blindness in design layout

Ways to consider web design 

Use what is known

Social networks 

The new wave of the internet 
and your business

Commando Tactics with your viewers Browser

Bad Advert Solutions for Business sites

Where is the Price ? 

And other Major E Commerce blunders

Anchor Text

Internal and Out bound links

Search Engines

Pay or not to Pay, that is the question ?

Importance of a Site Map

Questions to Ask A Web Designer

Letting the machine do it all 

Problems with automation on your web site

Images and your website 

Handling enlargements and other image uses

For business sites

Online site builders 

The problems for E commerce

Wholesalers and drop shippers 

The pitfalls to beware

Importance of Details in E commerce

Handling emails to your clients 

Html Vs plain text

Hiring a graphic artist 

Who or what to look for

Clean up the Hard drive 

Tips and tricks for a smoother system


Spyware or needful part of the web ?

Top things 

That can make a viewer HATE your website

Things to consider for your website design

Who is your viewer and how to serve them ?

Email headers, staying out of the spam filter

The Importance of promoting your Website

White hat, black hat, or shades of gray

Why Plain Jane sites ? 

A few words on site usability, indexing
and Global Internet issues

Shipping issues 

Some tips for Single person shops

Text mistakes 

Things to do or not to do with your site copy

Wasted space in text layout 

Or what can happen to text copy
due to excessive marketing

Whose the boss? 

Gender differences in online shopping
The trend is towards women.

Backlinks and ranking on the major engines

How to get and read the statistics

Things not to give your site designer

To make your website

Site Usablity 

Make it functional

Just for you.. java snippets and html tricks , for your site, just to dress it up a bit