A little about me :)

I figured it was about time to have an about me page...
so Hello, My name is Esta
Happy to make your acquaintance
Just so you can see who your talking to :)
For the stats moguls
Age: 63, not that it matters...
I have silver hair,
Hazel eyes .... and I Freckle..
The rest is subject to change without notice.
( thanks to Anne Mcacffery for such a wonderful line that happens to fit me so well )

How and why I got into artwork ? Well I have always been an artist of some sort or other, photography, silk flowers,
jewelry, all manner of creative expressions. No matter what point in my life, there has always been something.

But as to how I got into this form, quite accidentally really. I was complaining one day to a friend,
a few years ago, that I really, really wanted to have something new and different on my Pagan website for its artwork,
her answer was to send me Photoshop :) as a gift, ( Blessings on her head ) the rest, as they say, is history :)

Since then others have gifted me other programs ( blessings on their heads ),
I have bought some and downloaded others that are free that friends ( thank you )
told me where to find, that I bless their creators for providing them,
for some 20 different programs to date that I use, to make the work I make.
And always looking for more, so I can do more things :)

For me, each work is like a ritual, the power flows and the mouse moves,
sometimes I swear by itself. The Art is already there inside you, as a friend of mine would say, you just have to let it out,
to bring it to life. Nearly all of my works are an outpouring of my own spirituality. Each face of the Mother, each
aspect of the Pagan way, Even the ones for fun, as laughter is Magick, each is a part of myself,
my own message to the world.

Words may be ignored but Art moves the soul.

I am a night owl and do my best work in the wee hours of the night, when my own part of the world is quite and still, then the art flows.
Other than for custom works I seldom start out with an idea at all, I just start placing objects or playing with colors and the idea
is born under my hands. Suggested to me by its own existence. And tends to change as it goes,
even If I start with an idea, it often has other plans :)

Inspiration comes from a million places
the look of the sky in the morning after a rain, a poem, a song, a favorite book
an astral vision, meditations, personal opinions,  my need to teach, to show, even my angers and things
that make me laugh, all find their way onto the page.

I took the work further than my own web site art that it started as, out of need. Which is why this site is here. I am disabled with Fibromyalgia,
among other things, which took away other trades I trained many years for and was very good at, but can no longer do. But have yet to get
and may never get SSI ( been fighting with them a long time now ) but must still pay my own way in life. And what better way to do that,
than doing something I love to do :) and share my faith, along with my other skills.

And if not for my disability, I most likely would never have tried any of it, as I wouldn't have had the time to learn,
so good things can happen, even in the face of adversity.

So it is my work and it is also a very large part of my life. For the first time
I can create my visions, my dreams, my poetry and make it all come to life.

These, my Galleries, are where I share those dreams, with you.

Enjoy and Bright blessings

Companion work
Is this really Art ?